Sony Center Berlin

Sony Center Berlin

Sony Center Berlin

  • City/Country: Berlin, Germany
  • Year of completion: 2000
  • Industry: Steel and glass engineering
  • Architects: Murphy Jahn
    Client: Sony/TishmanSpeyer/Kajima
    General contractor: Hochtief AG
  • Stahlkonstruktion inkl. Kabel: 910 t
    Einfach verglastes Dach: 3.400 m²
    Gewebe: 5.800 m²

The central element of the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is the large forum roof with an elliptical floor plan, which covers the space below.

The structure was developed from the geometrically clearly defined form of a hyperbolic cone. In the axis of rotation of the cone inclined by 8°, a 42.50 m high “air support” between two radial cable layers, connect the head and base of the air support with the circumferential ring beam, clamped.

The entire roof structure is thus stretched freely over 102 m in the main axis and 77 m in the minor axes.

Upper cable layers form the folded roof surface in which glass panes and textile membrane segments are alternately arranged on horizontal bars fixed between the cables. The membrane segments are made of self-cleaning, Teflon-coated fabric.

Overall, an area of more than 5,250 m2 is spanned

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