Elephant House Copenhagen

Elephant House Copenhagen

Elephant House Copenhagen

  • City/Country: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Year of completion: 2008
  • Industry: Steel and glass engineering
  • Architects: Foster + Partners
    Engineer: Rambøll with Buro Happold
    Client: Foundation Realdania for Copenhagen ZooHerdenkuppel: 900 m²
    Bullenkuppel: 400 m²

Located in a historic royal park, adjacent to Fredriksborg Castle, the Copenhagen Zoo is the largest cultural institution in Denmark, attracting more than 1.2 million visitors a year.

The new elephant house offers the Indian elephant group a stimulating environment. The goal was to bring a sense of light and openness to the project.

In the design by Foster + Partners, the two oval light openings were covered with a filigree 3-dimensional bar grate, which carries the insulating glass elements designed with different screen patterns. For ventilation purposes, special surface-flush lifting panels had to be developed. Waagner-Biro was commissioned with the implementation of the transparent glass roof construction of the two buildings.

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